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Hi, I’m Lucy. I started my website to document my healing journey from chronic illness (dysautonomia, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and post viral fatigue/chronic fatigue) and share the diet and lifestyle changes and holistic strategies which allowed me to regain my health. 


4 years ago I was taken to hospital with a rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, low body temperature, intense chest pain, extreme dizziness, blurred vision, trembling and shooting pain, tingling and weakness down my right arm and leg. After all the tests came back clear I was discharged. I went home praying I would wake up the next day feeling better and the hospital visit was just a nightmare I could leave in the past. Sadly that wasn’t the case. 


From that day onwards I experienced dizziness, heart palpitations, shaking and trembling, blurred vision, nausea, headaches, breathlessness, muscle and joint pain, chronic fatigue and heaviness & tingling in my arms and legs, which mostly left me housebound and on occasions bed bound. At night I would wake up every hour or two with my heart racing and no feeling in my right arm and leg. I saw three different doctors who just diagnosed me with anxiety. Eventually I asked to be referred to a cardiologist and after months of tests was diagnosed with dysautonomia and postural tachycardia syndrome, a dysfunction of the autonomic system, where my heart rate increases by an abnormally large amount when going from lying down to sitting and standing  (read more about it here). However, I was told there was no cure, my nervous system was simply aging quicker than normal and there was nothing that could be done to stop it.


Going from being a fit healthy independent person to having difficulty standing up and being unable to leave the house on my own, work, play sport, go to church and becoming isolated from my friends made it the most lonely, scary and challenging time of my life, both physically and mentally. 


The thought of spending the rest of my life like this terrified me. I spent hours researching different diets and treatment modalities, praying for any source of hope. God answered my prayers when I found these books:-


I learnt that it’s not only our diet, which is commonly spoken about, but also how:-

  • Toxins and chemicals in our environment (such as in the air we breathe, water we drink and body care products we use),
  • Radiation from, for example, wifi and electronic devices,
  • Poor breathing mechanics,
  • Internal pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites),
  • Negative emotions and previous traumas we’ve experienced throughout any time in our lives,

They can all add up and cause a range of symptoms and illness. I came across people that had cured autoimmune disorders, healed cancer and a range of other conditions by changing their diet, adopting a low toxin lifestyle, improving their breathing mechanics and dealing with unresolved traumas and negative experiences. I finally believed that my body is constantly working for me and has the ability to heal when we take care of our bodies the way God designed them. Suddenly I had hope and I’ve since gained a passion for nutrition, a low toxin lifestyle and all things health and wellness. 


I’ve read numerous stories online of others with similar stories to me, who struggle being bedbound or housebound and are unable to live life the way they could previously. So I started my website to share my healing journey, to raise awareness about dysautonomia and POTS, and to help others who might be struggling with a chronic illness to show them they’re not alone and there is hope, even in the darkest times. 


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