Thymus Tap

How to easily perform the thymus tap at home to support the immune system and boost energy. Includes a video demonstration.

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What Is The Thymus? 

The thymus is a gland located behind the breastbone/sternum. It’s a part of our endocrine system, helping to control our metabolism and convert the foods we consume into energy. It also produces T cells, a type of white blood cell, which are a vital part of our immune system to help prevent and fight illness (1, 2).

Daily stressors, poor diet causing nutritional deficiencies and ageing can result in the thymus shrinking causing a decrease in the number of these white blood cells being produced and impaired metabolism resulting in reduced energy and increased fatigue (1). 

Thymus Tapping Benefits 

Thymus thumping involves tapping the thymus with our fist or fingers. The vibrations from this tapping stimulates the production and release of white blood cells to support the immune system and increases blood and oxygen flow to boost energy.

How To Perform The Thymus Thump 

  • Tapping the thymus can be performed sitting, laying down on your back or standing.
  • Form a fist with your hand and tap firmly, but not uncomfortably, in the centre of your chest about 2 inches below the u shaped notch at the top of your breastbone. 
  • Perform for 20 seconds moving 2-3 inches up and down the breastbone, while breathing deeply in and out.
  • Repeat 1-3 times a day. 
thymus tap thumping the centre of the breastbone with your fist

Video Demonstration 

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thymus tap exercise to support the immune system video demonstration and full list of health benefits

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